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Remarkable facades by Metadecor

Together we make unique façades worldwide. Together we create a unity between an architectural building and its living and working environment. We can do the whole engineering of the facade but we can also deliver only the panels with or without subconstruction. The most of our products are aluminum but also possible in Corten, Stainless Steel, Copper, Messing. 

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Metadecor delivered facades worldwide, based in The Netherlands. We have partners in Korea, Greece and Croatia  for the realisation of design facades with our product. For the rest of the world you can contact us directly. 

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MD Formatura

Do you want to combine 3D shapes, perforations, and relief surfaces? MD Formatura is the solution! MD Formatura offers so many possibilities that we can use it to create the most extraordinary designs. The variable apertures in the MD Formatura panels can act as a wind break or control the entry of sunlight.

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MD Expanded metal

A highly versatile product: that is MD Expanded metal. We specialize in the use of high-quality solutions and offer a wide selection of MD Expanded metal patterns. In addition, we continuously work on the development of innovative and sustainable products. By using pure materials that can be reused, we develop energy-conscious designs that are design life-resistant.

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MD Design-perforation

With a MD Designperforation facade you will make a unique statement. When creating our materials, the designer’s vision is crucial - we distill the ambiance, character, and experience and translate it into an innovative and creative solution, where functionality influences shape. Above all, the pattern serves the designer’s vision. We offer a broad range of options.

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MD Lamel

A facade with MD Lamel can be executed in a horizontal or vertical position. The sunlight is reduced, without losing sight. The slanting position ensure natural ventilation. MD Lamel is therefore often used in parking garages and galleries where specific fire safety and ventilation regulations must be met.

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Extraordinary projects

We have the extensive knowledge and skill required to create complex, innovative and high-quality projects. We work internationally for clients who want amazing results, so significant creative and technical expertise is needed. We deliver unique landmarks, both in new builds and transformations. 

Metadecor does this with a team of experienced and enthusiastic employees. We are inventive and have a healthy
dose of self-confidence and that yields unique architectural buildings that are future-proof.
We want to keep processes simple for you as client. We value personal contact and we do what we say. We are lively and uninhibited, looking for technical challenges for that unique
end result of our project.

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