Metadecor International operates in the field of architecture, specializing in facade engineering. We actively participate in various international events and recently took part in the WETEX exhibition in Dubai. WETEX is a significant regional event focusing on innovations in water technology and energy efficiency.

During WETEX, our colleague Caroline Kruit represented Metadecor and delivered a presentation on Dutch innovations in facade engineering, Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), circular design, and the opportunities for retrofitting existing buildings in the facade industry.

Metadecor recognizes substantial potential in the Gulf region, where numerous developments are taking place, making it an attractive market for innovative Dutch companies. Conversely, the Netherlands brings valuable knowledge and expertise that can be utilized to create energy-efficient and comfortable buildings in the region.


An exemplary project of Metadecor in the Gulf region is the new headquarters of Raqtan in Saudi Arabia. Working in collaboration with architect Rempt van der Donk, Metadecor contributed to this project. The building features an MD Strekmetaal curtain wall and a stunning atrium adorned with MD Formatura. These innovative facade technologies, combined with the ventilation system, ensure energy efficiency and compliance with the region's high standards.

Metadecor is rapidly expanding its international activities. Currently, we are involved in projects in Berlin, Frankfurt, and various locations in Belgium. Previous projects have encompassed locations in South Korea, Prague, and New York. Each country brings its own construction culture, regulations, and climatic conditions, posing challenges for Metadecor's engineers. However, they view these challenges as opportunities for learning and eagerly apply the knowledge gained to Dutch projects.