The best solution for your façade: together we will find the optimum solution, taking all criteria in account. We don’t work with a catalogue, there is no standard solution. Our engineers will take you through the process from idea to façade: step by step, combining your wishes and our knowledge and experience in making a design that meets the requirements of the client.

To sit at the table with the client, architects, consultants and construction company from the very beginning of a project, is what our ideal strategy would be. The initial stages of a project are decisive for the end result and that is where the knowledge and experience of our team of engineers can have the biggest impact for the design.

Building is – like so many things in life – a question of responding to expectations. With the requirements and ambitions for a project discussed and set in a holistic approach and with all people involved, the outcome will only be a surprise if it exceeds the set targets. And that will be a positive surprise, therefor it is welcome.

In reality, we often are confronted with an existing design – sometimes even when the project is already under construction – and set boundaries that suggest little room for change or innovation. But even then it is possible – in a dialogue with the designers and stakeholders – to optimize a solution and make adjustments that allow for an easier installment or higher performance of the façade.

Whether the emphasis of the design is on architecture, building acoustics, climate requirements, solar ambitions, easy refurbishment or the enhancement of the comfort for the users of the building: we are confident that our facades can contribute to an efficient and aesthetical solution that stands the test of time. The keyword is COLLABORATION. With our engineers, our project managers and our expert builders on site, we want to make a contribution to that collaboration and makes facades that make us proud and the world more beautiful.


Program, budget and requirements

As stated before: the initial stages of a project are decisive for the end result. As the initiator for a project – whether it be a new building or the upgrade of an existing structure – the client or developer is the one with the loudest voice. As the keeper of budget and planning and the party that sets the standard for the program and its requirements (for example in the fields of sustainability, technical performance, climate adaptation, circular design) we are open to any conversation about the possibilities of modern façade design – also outside our regular scope of materials and products.

The current building industry asks for collaboration, sharing of knowledge and innovation to meet new and difficult requirements and regulations: as Metadecor we want to be part of that. Having said that, we know that each project has its own dynamics, a budget and performance target. We respect that and will do our utmost to make sure that our products and services meet the expectations of our customers and the stakeholders within the project.


First draft

A preliminary idea, a source of inspiration or a reference project, the first lines in a sketch, a folded and punched piece of carton: at Metadecor we need little to get the conversation about a façade going. We know how architects think and work (we even employ a few in our team of engineers) and nothing beats a good brainstorm about the structural and architectural possibilities of façade design.

At Metadecor, nothing is standard, every building and every façade is bespoke. At Metadecor we do not have facades ‘on the shelve’. We co-create them with the team that works on a specific project. When we are involved from the first drafts of the design, we encourage the architects and consultants to consider the different criteria for a design in a holistic approach – regarding the assignment from different angles: artistic, technical, structural, with criteria for sustainability, building physics and sun shading capacities. What steps do you need to take to meet certain requirements or certifications? Our team of engineers is happy to assist you in your research and path to the best design.


Bim, tools and regulations

To literally make the connections within the building scheme, we use BIM to communicate with our partners. Our engineers and technicians are well equipped to translate the Metadecor standards and products to (existing) BIM-files, in cooperation with the architects and consultants of the project. Should the client wish for the structural engineer to make the final decisions on the design and production process, we are happy to deliver the necessary information to do so.

We work with common software like AutoCad, ArchiCad, Sketchup and Revit. Our engineers have experience with parametric design tools: they are often used to draw and calculate the intricate patterns in MD Designperforation and MD Formatura. We have our own software tools to design and calculate the three-dimensional MD Shapes and make the translation from 2D drawing from the architect to workable, structurally sound and budget friendly production schemes.

Each country has its own regulations. Each climate calls for other demands on the façade (design, materials, finish and structure). Our engineers are well aware of that. Using our own experience and the combined knowledge gathered in earlier projects and with our regular partners in production, we are able to advise the best solution for each specific project on a certain location. The shared ambition within the project – to construct a sustainable and energy efficient building that will stand the test of time – is something we take very seriously and would like to contribute to.


Working together on site

The building site is the place where the pieces of the puzzle come together in a complex combination of materials and elements. We are talking about preparation, production, logistics and installation within a compact time frame. Metadecor likes to be involved in the early planning stages, to be able to participate in and contribute to the planning process. As mentioned before: the only way to get these kinds of processes right is to make procedures, follow them and continuously manage expectations.

The building process is changing from manual labor to automated production, but it still is craftmanship with a deciding human component. We always opt for as much prefabrication and assembly in our workshop, to limit the amount of actions (and time) on the building site. In a conditioned working environment, our construction workers are able to prepare the façade elements for a swift installation on site.

In close collaboration with the other partiers working on site simultaneously, the installers of Metadecor will manage the installation process in small specialized teams, following the precoordinated scenario. If the scenario takes an unexpected turn, direct dialogue is the only right course of action. Following procedures is one thing, making decisions on the spot is another. With our experience we are always looking for a solution within planning and budget. Needless to say, when we have been involved in the project from an early start, the probability of unforeseen circumstances is limited to a serious degree.