Everything is possible with powder coating

MD Designperforation│Surface treatment │ Powder coating

Powder coating is an electrostatic coating process. The powder sticks to the sprayed object, after which it is heated in an oven. All possible colors are possible. Mixtures of colors are also possible. You can choose from different gloss levels.

Anodizing brings aluminum to life

MD Designperforation│Surface treatment │ Anodizing

Anodizing makes aluminum more beautiful and it protects against corrosion. You can choose in a number of color tones. With anodizing, no layer is applied to the aluminum, but a layer is built up from the aluminum, so that the metal aspect is preserved.

Hot-dip galvanizing protects steel

MD Designperforation│Surface treatment │ Hot dip galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing protects steel against corrosion. By immersing the steel in a liquid zinc bath, an alloy layer is formed which protects the steel. Hot dip galvanized steel can then be powder coated in one color.