Pattern type 1 - figure with equal shape an twist direction

Type 1 consists of panels punched with one type of figure. The punch can be made in any shape. The shapes created by punching are converted into a fixed setting angle.

Pattern type 2 - Figure with the same shapeand different directions.

Type 2 uses a single figure, which can be made in any desired shape. The shapes can be bent in multiple setting angles. This version provides the ability to control the indoor climate by slowing down wind and controlling the entry of sunlight.

Pattern type 3 - figure with different shapes and directions

In type 3, a variety of shapes are stamped into the material with several figures. By playing with the setting angle of the individual parts, a facade is created with a unique character. By taking into account the position of the sun in relation to the facade in the setting angle, this version can also function as vertical sun protection. On the facade parts where the wind load is high, the loose parts can be converted to slow down the wind.

Jurren Zomer
Nafthali van der Toorn
Coenraad Hulst

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