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MD Lamel

A facade with MD Lamel can be executed in a horizontal or vertical position. The sunlight is reduced, without losing sight. The slanting position ensure natural ventilation. MD Lamel is therefore often used in parking garages and galleries where specific fire safety and ventilation regulations must be met.

Popular patterns

Below you can see a selection of the possibilities that MD Lamel offers, and which we applied earlier for projects.

MD Lamel slats facade cladding
MD LA110
MD Lamel facade IKEA Utrecht The Netherlands
MD LA120

Fastening systems

We work around your design, functionality requirements and available budget when choosing a fastening system. Our engineers have a wealth of experience and we have a wide range of fastening systems for use in projects. For MD Lamel we have a visible and blind attachment for single and double slats.


For our projects, we offer MD Lamel in steel, aluminum, copper, and corten steel.


Steel is the best choice for heavy construction projects, such as fences in school areas or crowded public places. It is also ideal for other structures that require high durability. Steel is more rigid and therefore stronger.


Aluminum has many advantages. It is:

  • low maintenance. The smooth and shiny finish does not attract dust and sand.
  • light, making it easier to fix into place, and the construction has less weight to support.
  • durable, with a long service life. Aluminum is unaffected by UV rays or moisture and does not corrode or twist.
  • environmentally friendly because aluminum is 100% recyclable. Also, recycling is not an energy-intensive process.
Corten steel

Corten, or weather-resistant steel, is an alloy of copper and chrome. This gives a higher level of resistance to atmospheric weathering compared to other unalloyed steel panels.

The alloy creates an oxidized 'rust look' layer that actually protects the panels when exposed to the elements. The protective layer of corten also continues to evolve and responds to pollutants in the atmosphere over time.

Corten steel is harder than steel or aluminum, which makes processing more expensive. However, it does mean that the steel requires no further surface treatment, which can mean a significant overall cost reduction.

It's also possible to achieve a corten steel 'look' with powder coated aluminum. With this method colours are mixed and layered to match the required corten colour.


Copper is a quality product that gives a facade a distinctive appearance. Once installed and exposed to the air and precipitation, an impermeable oxide layer is formed that changes over time from deep brown to patina green. This oxide layer protects the copper directly from the elements.

If a copper facade has to be green on installation, we apply pre-patinated copper by applying a chemical mix to the metal, creating the green patina layer.

Copper has disadvantages in its high price and that it is soft compared to other materials. We can get around this by treating aluminum or steel with a special powder coating that imitates the copper or weathered green patina colour.

Surface treatments

The finishing of the material is determined by the location of a project, the likely weather effects and the vision of the designer. It is possible to powder coat, anodize or galvanize MD Lamel. Therefore the panels are protected against corrosion, wastage and chemical damage. And of course, it determines the final appearance of a building.

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