Parking garage Buiksloterham in Amsterdam

Architect: XVW architectuur│ Client: Huber
Photographer: Isabel Nabuurs | Realization: 2020

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Artful parking

In 2019, client Huber completed the eye-catching parking garage Buiksloterham on Distelweg in Amsterdam. The building has a combined function with business space on the ground floor en parking spots on the higher floors. The facade of the garage was designed by XVW Architectuur from Den Bosch and is characterized by several pyramid panels, where the corner is asymmetrical.

The missing part of the facade

We were approached by the client to realize a missing part of the facade. At the rear of the parking garage it connects to ground level housing. The contractor had completed the project, but because these parts of the facade deviated from the existing principle, more specific knowledge was needed for correct attachment and installation. Metadecor has developed the principle for this and is able to engineer, supply and assemble the missing parts. Although the structure of the construction differs and the underlying depth is much less, the image of the facade has remained the same with adjoining depth and surface treatment.

The pyramid panels consist of four parts, which in total form one complete pyramid of a maximum of two by two meters. By using vertical box profiles between the minimal steel available, a sturdy auxiliary structure could be mounted to attach the panels. The panels are then invisbly attached to the auxiliary structure. Although it is completely different from the existing structure, this ensures a similar appearance on the facade of parking garage Buiksloterham.

Materials and techniques used in this project