Architect: BCHO Architects │ Opdrachtgever: Hyundai │ Jaar van realisatie: 2018

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A new training centre with MD Expanded Metal

The Hyundai Training Center is the new training center for Hyundai Motor. Here the employees of Hyundai Motor are trained internally.

Metadecor has provided the entire facade of 2.600m2 with MD Expanded Metal. The expanded metal is equipped with different variable openings in the panels. Where people can look outside, the expanded metal is more open than at the places where the façade is closed. The panels go from an opening of 30% to an opening of 70% and back again.
The aluminum panels are coated with a special metallic coating class 2. This coding is used to withstand the erratic Korean weather conditions and high UV radiation from the sun.

The MD Expanded Metal is attached to the auxiliary structure with the MD Verti system.


Het Hyundai Motor Training Center in Zuid Korea is voorzien van een strekmetalen gevel die als functie heeft de zon te weren.
Hyuandai Motor Training Centre

Materials and techniques used in this project