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Architects are masters

Together we like to make masterpieces. Masterpieces of projects with a sustainable shell around the building. We actually see an architect as a master, a master of the most beautiful buildings in the world. With the various elements of a building, you as an architect take care of the whole picture. A real masterpiece! That is the theme of our MD Formatura wall cladding campaign, which will run from November to January 2020. You will see this theme in many expressions in the coming period. This is also the case at our exhibition stands at the WAF and Gevel 2020. We are inspired by Delft Blue masterpieces and together with designer Chris Kabel we have made a beautiful translation to our product.
To expire at both fairs, do we see each other there?

Projects with MD Formatura

Intelligent and unique, that is MD Formatura cladding. This product is a smart choice if you want a sustainable facade. You can regulate the incident sunlight and control of the wind. In addition, you are assured that you are creating a masterpiece of a facade with MD Formatura. It seems like you have a different facade every time you look at it.

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MD Formatura

MD Formatura offers so many possibilities that we can use it to create the most extraordinary designs. The variable apertures in the MD Formatura panels can act as a wind break or control the entry of sunlight. Apertures are put in the optimum position, depending on how the sun moves across the building. The coating can be adjusted to reduce reflection towards the inside.

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Popular patterns

With MD Formatura a pattern is punched into the panels. The resulting figures are converted to capture light, cast shadow and create depth. The pattern can consist of a square, round, triangular, hexagonal or free form. Below you can see a selection of the possibilities that MD Formatura offers that we previously applied to projects. But you can also make your own design.


Have we made you curious about MD Formatura cladding? We are happy to work with you at the start of a project to create a masterpiece of a facade. Leave your details and your question below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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