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Real beauty is on the outside

Okay, that might be a bit short-sighted, but for many of the projects we worked on, the facade really completes the building. We realize new construction or transform buildings. The different forms of our metal cladding offer endless possibilities for this. Our facades can be designed as an insulated facade, with lighting or, for example, as a movable facade. A green façade is also a sustainable option.

Busan South Korea Facade with Expanded metal
Busan South Korea
Expanded metal facade cladding bycyxle parking Den Haag
Bicycle Parking Den Hague, The Netherlands

Facades with MD Expanded Metal

Due to its many forms, MD Expanded Metal offers endless possibilities for metal facades. Our fixing techniques make it possible to attach MD Expanded metal panels to any background. When transforming a building, the use of MD Expanded Metal is therefore an excellent opportunity to achieve a perfect end result.

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Parking Garage Diakonessenhuis, the Netherlands

Facades with MD Designperforation

With MD Designperforation, the building tells a story. Whatever pattern you choose, metal cladding from MD Design Perforation gives a new construction project a unique look. A facade with MD Design perforation is also a good option for the transformation of a building.

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Facade cladding Tussen de Lakens The Netherlands
Between the Sheets, The Netherlands
Shop Christina Louboutin, New York

Facades with MD Formatura

An intelligent facade with a unique appearance that is realized with MD Formatura. Because MD Formatura has variable openings, it can slow down the wind, among other things. By playing with the conversions, we create a controversial whole. At every moment of the day it seems like you always have a different facade.

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Detail Macchine per espresso MD Lamel Facade cladding
Office MCE, Romania
Parking Garage IKEA Zwolle MD Lamel facade cladding
IKEA Zwolle, The Netherlands

Facade with MD Lamel

For projects with MD Lamel, we apply this product both horizontally and vertically. MD Lamel is extremely suitable for facades that must comply with specific fire safety and ventilation regulations. In addition to the use of slat facades in new construction, we also realize the transformation of buildings with our slat facades.

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