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Bicycle storage, The Hague

MD Expanded metal

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Popular patterns

The diagonals and the strand widths are available in endless combinations, making MD Expanded metal a highly versatile product. It always has a unique appearance and is suitable for many different applications.

This is just a selection of the possibilities that MD Expanded metal can offer. These are patterns we have previously used in our projects.


MD Expanded metal

MD Expanded metal is made by cutting a regular pattern of slits into a metal plate and reshaping it. It can be used to create a more transparent facade by making diamond-shaped or circular openings in the plate. MD Expanded metal is also an economical product since no material is wasted in its production.

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Projects with MD Expanded Metals

Thanks to its many manifestations, MD Expanded Metal offers endless possibilities for, for example, a facade, roof structure, ceiling or site fencing. Thanks to the various fixing techniques, it is possible to attach MD Expanded Metal panels to any background. Whether it is about transformation or new construction, MD Expanded Metal is the product to achieve an excellent end result.

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Fastening systems

When choosing a fastening system, design, functionality and the available budget form the framework. Our engineers have a wealth of experience. The library of fastening systems that we can draw on for the realization of projects is the result of that.

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For our projects we supply MD Expanded Metal from steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, brass and corten steel.
We look forward to working with you to see which raw material fits within the project.

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