We want to keep processes simple for you as a client. We also find personal contact important and do what we say. That is why we like to be clear about how we approach things. This ensures that it is clear to everyone how a project works and what happens when.

If we have a clear picture of the wishes and requirements of the client, we can make a good interpretation of the desired patterns and shapes. We then translate the intended experience into the new material in a few steps.

In our proposal, we take into account all environmental factors that influence the final result. Daylight entry, shading, wind load, color perception, indoor climate and fall-through are included. This way we always stay close to the essence of the design.

When developing a dynamic (moving) façade, a new treatment or a new type of material, continuous coordination takes place over the drawings. Every minimal change in punch size, production method, color choice, finish, but also the choice of connections and mounting systems, can have a major effect.

In our consultation, of course, the budget is also an important theme. If a solution does not fit the budget, we develop alternatives. We also prevent additional work by accurately calculating and leaving nothing to the imagination in the quotation.

Working together is BIM. Metadecor draws in 3D, so we can seamlessly connect to a BIM model of your as a client. This prevents errors and ensures better information provision during the entire process. This works efficiently and cost-effectively for all parties involved. But it mainly promotes cooperation with one model of the building.

By working in a construction team we realize the best solution. This allows us to collaborate with other parties at an early stage, in openness, trust and transparency.

We coordinate everything optimally, so that adjustments are prevented afterwards. And we go for achieving financial benefits, because no tasks are performed twice. For example, we make detailed drawings and thereby take work off the hands of the architect.

We use BIM to share knowledge and information. This keeps us constantly informed of changes being made to the construction and our constructors can immediately respond to this.

To successfully complete a project, we focus on time, quality, information and risks as closely as possible. Every project follows an identical course, which starts as soon as the offer has been approved and ends with aftercare:

  1. Planning and organization
    The project leader makes a planning and puts the project team together in collaboration with our main project leader. He organizes project administration in preparation so that the available budget can be managed continuously.
  2. Handover
    The project manager receives the specifications of the application, materials and mounting accessories from the sales team. He processes this in his project plan.
  3. Details
    Much attention is paid to the details of the construction, construction and assembly of the facade. An engineer makes a design of this and construction calculations are made. Once the design has been approved in collaboration with the project leader, it is transferred to the draftsman.
  4. Drawing work
    The draftsman provides detailed, unambiguous drawings. In addition, he uses BIM, which makes rapid exchange of data with third parties possible, a shorter design time is realized and the quality is increased.
  5. Work preparation
    A work planner ensures that all required materials are present at the right time, in the right quantity and in the right place. He works closely with purchasing and production.
    During the production process, the project leader keeps a finger on the pulse by doing interim quality checks.
  6. Assembly
    In the first instance we do not assembly abroad, but we always want to help you to realize the facade. In special occasions we do the assembly. The work planner took care of the delivery of the required materials and the transport of the panels. He makes provisions on the construction site and releases them for the project leader. The project leader manages the assembly team, follows the planning and takes care of the communication with other parties on the construction site in case we do the assembly.
  7. Delivery
    The delivery is prepared by recording the project on site and discussing it with the lead project manager. If necessary, additional resources are organized for this and the final activities are organized.
  8. Aftercare and evaluation
    Any improvement points from the delivery will be implemented in the aftercare. When the aftercare is completed, we complete the project with an evaluation. By structurally evaluating our projects, we ensure that learning points are shared. In this way, experiences gained are structurally included in new projects.

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