BREEAM and build circularly

BREEAM-NL is the assessment method in the Netherlands to determine the sustainability performance of buildings, areas and projects. BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. Within Metadecor we have a BREEAM-NL expert who supports projects to obtain the BREEAM certificate. This expert has contributed to the certification of the Renovation project "Fellenoord in Eindhoven". This project has the BREEAM Excellent certificate. In addition to the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and Austria have made the BREEAM quality mark suitable for their own laws and regulations.


Build circularly

Circular construction goes a step further than sustainable construction. We strive to build facades without involving non-renewable resources and without producing waste. How do we do that?
We minimize our use of materials and opt for reusable materials. Or we use materials with the lowest possible environmental impact. Facades made of aluminum are fully reusable. Even if they are anodised or powder-coated, because both surface treatments are biodegradable.
By working with façade panels made from recycled aluminum, we can make the façade completely circular. The façade panels can be melted down into new façade panels. Metadecor can even take back the panels over time and replace them with a new facade.

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