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The sun is lovely and it gives you a real energy boost. But what if the sun keeps shining in your face? Or if the sun shines exactly on a screen, so that you can no longer see what is on it? Then you can put a large plant in front of the window or stick foil on the windows. As an alternative, we are happy to give you various sustainable solutions.

Een voorbeeld van MD Formatura
Blauwlakenblok in Amsterdam, NL
Old Town Court in Praag, CZ

Sub blinds with MD Expanded Metal

Movable awnings or an awning made of MD Expanded metal are both good options for awnings. For MD Expanded Metal, we have done an experiment to determine the sun's entry. Sun entry was determined based on the geometric properties and the orientation of the panel during assembly. The pattern page shows the frontal permeability percentages for the most common sun protection patterns.

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Parking Garage Diakonessenhuis, the Netherlands

Sun blinds with MD Designperforation

With movable awnings you can control the panels manually or electrically. MD Design Perforation is perfect for this. If you want to complete the package, choose a solution including the correct drive and control technology. It is possible to opt for shutters that move horizontally or vertically. In addition, a solution for vertical panels with a horizontal bend is also possible. This creates a canopy.

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Facade cladding Tussen de Lakens The Netherlands
Between the Sheets, The Netherlands
Shop Christina Louboutin, New York

Sun blinds with MD Formatura

How is the building positioned? How is the solar pad over the building during a year? And how and when will the building be used? These questions and the wishes of the client form the framework. A comprehensive analysis then leads to an optimal product. MD Formatura offers unprecedented possibilities and can provide answers to these questions in various ways.

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Detail Macchine per espresso MD Lamel Facade cladding
Office MCE, RO
Parking Garage IKEA Zwolle MD Lamel facade cladding
IKEA Zwolle, NL

Sun blinds with MD Lamel

With MD Lamel we realized a fixed sun protection for various projects. This creates shade where necessary and at the same time provides adequate ventilation. An aesthetic solution for parking garages, for example. MD Lamel is made from steel or aluminum.

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