Anodizing protects aluminum against corrosion, resulting in a wear-resistant product with an almost unlimited lifespan and minimal maintenance. It won't turn black and is resistant to most chemicals and solvents, yet the appearance of the aluminum is retained.

Anodizing accelerates the aluminum oxidation process, converting the top layer of aluminum to alumina. The thickness of the top layer depends on whether it is to be used inside or outside.

Anodized aluminum can be manufactured naturally in a matte or shine finish, and colours, such as bronze, silver or gold can be added.

Formatura_Designperforation_Kalanderstraat_Enschede The Netherlands cladding
Shopping centre Kalanderstraat Enschede
Astron Dwingeloo
Biezenhuis Grafhorst
City hall Bloemendaal
Parking Fashion Outlet Roosendaal