Galvanized steel is protected against erosion and has a very wear - and shock - resistant protective layer. Thermal galvanization provides a thick, even layer all over the panels. Small damage to a depth of about 3 millimetres will not affect the life of galvanized panels.

Thermal galvanizing involves immersing steel in a low-grade liquid zinc at 450 °C. This protects all exterior and inner areas of the structure equally. The steel and zinc bond together to form a galvanized alloy sealed by a layer of pure zinc. Galvanized products are very durable, almost maintenance-free and offer maximum protection at a minimal cost. Galvanized steel can be used outside and can be coated in any colour.

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Projects with galvanizing

Galvanized MD Expanded metal

When MD Expanded metal is produced from steel, its sharp edges can cause less zinc to attach to the edges than to the rest of the material. This increases the likelihood that the edges will rust.

MD Expanded metal panels can also distort during the galvanization process when welded into a profile . This can happen even if there is only a small difference between the thickness of the different materials.

This is why we usually advise using MD Expanded metal in aluminum - to prevent the galvanised panels from corroding and deforming.