Powder coating

Powder coating allows us to apply any desired RAL color to our panels. It is attracted to the surface of the metal because of its static charge, then the material is heated in an oven so that the powder melts and undergoes a chemical reaction. The result is a highly durable outer layer. The layer thicknesses range from a minimum of 60 microns for indoor applications up to 120 microns for outdoor applications.

Powder coatings contribute to the desired aesthetic result and can result in a matte, satin or shiny finish.

Powder coated products excel in color fastness and have an extremely resistant top layer. The electrostatic lacquer process produces an optimum adhesive and corrosion-free surface. This ensures a long life and allows for a high degree of processing - even with sawing, drilling, and milling, the finish remains intact.

We also offer an anti-graffiti coating as an extra option. This top layer prevents graffiti and stickers from attaching to the material.

  • Busan South Korea Facade with Expanded metal
    Factory 1963, Busan, South Korea
  • Between the sheets, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Empereur building, Brussels, Belgium
  • Bicycle storage, Central Station, the Hague, the Netherlands
  • Villa Hindeloopen, Hindeloopen, the Netherlands

Projects with powder coating

Jurren Zomer
Nafthali van der Toorn

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